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CubePro Duo G Code Script Issues


My office just recently got a CubePro Duo and Simplify3D; I'm using the Simplify3D released CubePro Duo profile with the default RepRap Firmware and custom g-code scripts. I've started getting the hang of it, but got stuck on a couple portions of g-code scripting. Printhead #1 is setup as PLA and Printhead #2 is setup as ABS. For this print, I only used Printhead #2 (ABS). For some reason, during the tool change, after the printheads move to the waste bin and heat up, Printhead #1 starts extruding instead of Printhead #2. I am using the M552 command for Printhead #2, and nowhere in the .bfb file is there an M551. I know for RepRap, M551 and M552 do not prime/extrude, per the Reprap wiki, but I'm not sure if me using the RepRap Firmware is causing this issue.

Any help will be apprecited.

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