Academic Bhaban :

I. Five storied-1

II. Two storied-2.

  Administration Bhaban :

Five storied-1

  Principal quarter :

Two storied-1

  Class room :

26 Class Room

  Lab & Works shops :

Machinist Lab-1 Basic Lab
Wood shop-1 Drawing/Drafting Lab-3
Radio & TV Lab-1 Electronic Lab-3
Microprocessor Lab-1 CAD Lab-1
Network Lab-1 Surveying Lab
Hydraulic Lab-1 Construction Lab
Physics Lab-1 Plumbing Lab
Chemistry Lab-1 Model Making Lab
Software Lab Digital Electronic & Microwave Lab
Hardware Lab Elcctrical Lab
Soil Mechanics Lab Communication Lab
Material Testing Lab Measurement Lab
  IT center :

1- With inernet browsing facility


  Conference room-1

  Medical center-1

  Student’s common room-2

  Power supply substation-1

  Cycle garage-1

 More over we have a large campus which is around 2.15 acres of land